As a conscious accessory brand, Isu is inspired by the traditional craftwork and ancient art form associated with African beading. At Isu, we work on introducing Zulu craftsmanship to a modern audience, with a colourful twist of our own. Each of our pieces is handcrafted by a team of women across a handful of communities from the South African Valley of a Thousand Hills and KwaZulu-Natal regions.

Our collections are a combination of tribal weaves, contemporary elements and vibrant colour-ways. Our pieces tell stories of our land through design and colour. Wearing an Isu item is a powerful means of adornment, something that you instinctively feel the moment you fasten it on.




Our mission at Isu is to empower women to create, whilst enabling the development of others through teaching and support. Isu, meaning Method in Zulu, is what we focus on nurturing within our teams. We nurture existing & historic skills by encouraging the continuation of traditional beading, along with the teaching of these skills to others. Our focus is to hold this traditional art-form sacred and celebrate it thoughtfully and collaboratively.




Isu runs as a social enterprise project. Net profits are put back into the community to grow the team and provide more work for women beaders.