Beads of Empowerment

Beads of Empowerment

Isu, meaning Method in Zulu is exactly what this brand focuses on.

With their mission to empower women to create while enabling the development of others through teaching and supporting them, Isu is deeper than most accessory brands around today.

The Isu team nurtures existing and historical skills by encouraging the continuation of traditional beading along with teaching these skills to others. The focus is to hold this traditional art-form sacred and celebrate it thoughtfully and collaboratively.

When it comes to developing contemporary and appealing concepts, ISU works closely with their team taking creative risks, collaborating and innovating constantly.

As a conscious accessories brand, it’s undeniable that Isu is inspired by the traditional craftwork and ancient art form associated with African beading and introduces Zulu craftsmanship to a more current audience.

Each piece is handcrafted by a team of women across a handful of communities from the South African Valley of a Thousand Hills and Kwa-Zulu-Natal regions, and each collection consists of a combination of tribal weaves, contemporary elements and vibrant colour-ways.

Every piece tells its own story of our land through design and colour.

Wearing a statement piece from Isu, means supporting Isu as a social enterprise project. This means that the founders of business don’t earn a salary and every penny made is put back into the community to grow the team and provide more work for women beaders.

Isu produces in smaller quantities as each piece is handmade and utterly unique, making it a one of a kind piece by one of their talented women beaders. The brand also reuses any unsold beads, and sells out-of-season pieces back to their community so that not a minute of beading is wasted.

This is a brand you can honestly feel good about when shopping or adorning any of these beautifully made pieces.

For more, head to @isu_collection